Ideas about Coworking. We have compiled 8 ideas about coworking as a result of a workshop held by Cowork Rambla Catalunya, a community of freelancers, businessmen and businesswomen, SMIs, and entrepreneurs with a passion to learn and innovate, sharing space in a collaborative and elegant environment. In the workshop, a brainstorming session was held on coworking. A petition of the participants had compiled all the ideas that had emerged during those 15 minutes of brainstorming.  

The Dynamic of the Workshop

The participants of the event were divided into 3 groups of 15-20 people of which each contained a diversified variety of professionals of different types: architects, engineers, economists, computer specialist, marketing, leisure, etc.


Each team stood in a different space within the Cowork:

  • Còrsega Space: Team Gray
  • Còrsega Space: Team Gray
  • Universitat Space: Team Yellow

Three issues emerged from which good ideas emerged. Thank you for all your contributions and shared knowledge…some of us are already doing it! Also, as Monica Deza says, “an idea that is not communicated does not exist.”.

The ideas that have been compiled are described below:

 1. The Networking and Events

Es difícil de creer que solo una idea sea común en los todos los grupos: la importancia del networking a través de afterworks, masterminds o resolución de los problemas para compartir conocimiento de las nuevas tendencias y retos del trabajo.

2. Presentation

The presentations among the members of the network, in a talk, between co-workers are key for people to feel at ease: send a presentation email, introduce the person personally, and, in short, know who they are talking to. 

Also, for those who wish it would be interesting to make an Elevator Pitch of new projects to coworkers and the community to share ideas, learn, and to help one another.

3. The spaces


For this networking to happen, the spaces and multipurpose rooms are important to relax. A more informal environment complementary to the kitchen with Wi-Fi and interactive whiteboards.

4. The database

Two groups recorded the importance of having a good database. But this is not all…that person who has expert experience in this sector is such a thing that I can find? How can I communicate with them?

5. Let’s have fun

Two of the groups expressed ideas that apart from working is, also, a place to have fun. Eat, play videogames, social events.

There was, also, an interesting idea: to make team building trips in a farmhouse or to the outskirts in order to interact in places outside of work

6. Discounts/ Benefits for the Community/ Entrepreneurs

Team Gray expressed that it would be interesting to provide the community with hotel discounts or discounts to service companies or the gym.

7. Network communication and Coworkers

To have a space both online and offline, where the coworkers can post ideas, share interesting articles, projects, events, etc.

8. Community Objectives and Requirements

It is very important to have community objectives among the community and it is believed necessary to have requirements to be a part of and to select who are the members that belong to it.

Ideas about coworking! Remember: alone we are smart. TOGETHER WE ARE BRILLIANT.

Neus Inglada 

Founder of Cowork Rambla Catalunya.

Coworking Consultant 

Cowork Rambla Catalunya
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