CoYoga at Cowork Rambla Catalunya – Due to the interconnectedness of the professional and the personal, it is essential to balance all areas of life. With that in mind, Cowork Rambla Catalunya has made it a part of its philosophy to encourage healthy living. As a result, whether you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or a business professional, Cowork Rambla goes beyond helping its coworkers to grow professionally through collaborative networking and shared values; it was also designed to be an environment that promotes well-being inside and out.

Cowork Rambla Catalunya has created multiple convenient incentives for physical exercise. An example is creating events such as weekend lacrosse games, providing a stretching corner located in the common area, or bringing into the cowork semi-weekly CoYoga. CoYoga, is a combination of Yoga Hata, vinyasa, mindfulness, yolates, and preventive meditation. Therefore, it is ideal for practicing before work or after a week full of work-related stress. 

Meet the Instructor

Janine, la instructora del CoYoga

Janine, who is a certified yoga instructor and physiotherapist, is also currently studying Traditional Chinese medicine. Compiling her extensive knowledge on the human body, she brings together yoga, mindfulness, Pilates, hypopressive exercises, and physiotherapy to help her clients feel their best. Through her practice, Janine encourages clients to learn about their bodies through the practice, in order to maximize prolonged well-being (Physio Yin Yang). 

Benefits to COYOGA

1. Decreases Stress and Anxiety

Work can be stressful, therefore Cowork Rambla Catalunya has found the perfect cure – CoYoga. As stress can lead to mood swings, poor performance, and anxiety, CoYoga has helped coworkers to alleviate stress by helping them find peace as they learn to control their minds, while synchronizing it with their bodies. 

CoYoga en la terraza

2. Increases Focus

CoYoga teaches one to be in the moment through focusing on the present body and how functions such as breathing are operating then. Correspondingly, coworkers then learn how to control and clear the mind, which results in the improved ability to focus on tasks throughout the workday.

3. Improves posture 

Sitting for hours in front of a computer takes a toll on the body. The aftermath can range from neck tensions or stiff muscles to back pains.

However, with CoYoga, the coworkers are able to alleviate these pains by moving and stretching strategically. In the long term, the physical movement and preventive meditation of yoga potentially help avoid certain aches and problems caused by bad posture and stress. 

4. Increases Productivity

Classe de CoYoga adentro

When it comes to balancing work and personal life, exercising often becomes of lesser importance. Although counter intuitive, less exercise can lead fatigue to arise more frequently, and of course, low energy levels affect daily work tasks. Therefore, in integrating CoYoga, Cowork Rambla Catalunya aims to push coworkers to spend even if just a short amount of time on themselves and their health regularly. The hope is that it will boost energy levels and help coworkers tackle their daily work tasks. 

5. Life Balance

Unos de nuestra comunidad de coworkers.

CoYoga at Cowork Rambla Catalunya! By partaking in CoYoga, coworkers have the opportunity to create balance between their professional and personal lifestyles. Cowork Rambla Catalunya does not settle between choosing one or the other. Instead, it believes that to be successful and happy, one must achieve harmony between the two lifestyles. 

Alone we are smart. TOGETHER WE ARE BRILLIANT.

Neus Inglada

Founder of Cowork Rambla Catalunya

Coworking Consultant


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